One Mission: Help You Recover Better Than Pre-Loss Condition.

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Seattle’s Demolition Experts

Demolition services serving King County, Pierce County, & Snohomish County.

On any project demo is a key factor for setting up for success. With over 20 years in the demolition industry there’s no project too complex for PNW. We even lead the industry in pricing!

Demo Services Offered

  • Building
  • Mobile Home
  • Schools
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Trash Removal
  • Burned Structures
  • Condemned Buildings
  • Barns Shops
  • Almost Any Structure

Seattle’s Content’s Experts

Full contents services, providing King County, Pierce County, & Snohomish County with post disaster cleanup including Fire, Smoke, Water Damage, & Mold.


  • Content Services Offered
  • Total Pack Out
  • Cleaning & Storage Of Your Items
  • Total Loss Inventory
  • Transportation
  • Move Back Assist

Why Choose Us?

Turning a painful event, into a painless process.

When disaster strikes, victims of fire can often be overwhelmed with what decisions to make and who to hire. At Pacific Northwest Restoration, we are committed to going above and beyond to ease the burden on our customers and help them through the process from the start to the finish.

One Mission:

Restoring You, Better Than Before.

That’s the fundamental belief around here, and it radiates company wide. As a company that handles everything in-house, we are equipped to manage your entire restoration process.

Our mission is to meticulously restore and revive the personal contents and cherished belongings of our clients with the utmost care and precision. We strive to turn the aftermath of adversity into a testament of rejuvenation and hope.

“In order to be a part of the team, you have to be willing to go above and beyond for each client. Everyone on our team is ready to help and exceed expectations. That’s the difference with PNW” – Slavik Petrus | CEO

Based on 7 reviews
Marlene Miller
Marlene Miller
I was so very impressed with how prompt this company was. When dealing with emergencies, there’s enough on your mind already- these guys were thorough, prompt, and cleaned up the mess the thieves made outside. Highly recommend!
Nataliya Goy
Nataliya Goy
I can confidently say that I am proud to work for PNW Restoration. The way they treat their employees is truly remarkable. Such a friendly and supportive environment.
Edyard Popovych
Edyard Popovych
I am proud to work for Pacific Northwest Restoration. The company’s honor and integrity are unparalleled, and I truly feel like part of a family. Thank you 🙏
Minh Doan
Minh Doan
Great things that I work with William and Slavik during our house restoration after a fire damage. Highly recommend Pacific Northwest Restoration for repairing/restroring.William walked me thru with very detailed information that I have never known before regarding this matter. Slavik is very communicative and detail during the repair process. We were on time for our repair and everything went great. Again, i would definitely recommend PNW Restoration.
Derek Kwan
Derek Kwan
PacNW Restoration are fantastic.We had a bad run of luck with a major pipe burst that flooded one of our rentals, then a sewer line backup that caused damage to flooring in another one.PacNW did a great job of working with us and our insurance companies to get things back up and running as fast as we could've hoped (insurance was the bottleneck).Their were a couple of hiccups and glitches along the way, but management at PacNW always made sure that the job was completed and we were made whole. They're good people, and you'll be in good hands when the $hit hits the fan. Highly recommend.
David's Flooring
David's Flooring
Crystal Mayfield
Crystal Mayfield
Great company

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