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Serving Pierce, King, & Snohomish County for over 16+ years.


Hi, we’re Pacific Northwest and  we’ve been tearing down walls (literally and figuratively) for over 16 years. From big commercial projects to cozy homes, insurance jobs, and even cleaning up after Mother Nature throws a tantrum, we’ve done it all. And boy, do we love what we do!

At Pacific Northwest We Specialize In


  • Commercial Projects: Big buildings, small shops – we’ve tackled them. It’s like a giant puzzle, figuring out the best way to bring them down safely.
  • Homes & Heartbeats: Demolishing houses is delicate work. We do it with the same care as if it were our own, making way for new stories and memories.
  • Insurance Jobs: Got a tricky situation covered by insurance? We navigate these waters like seasoned captains, making the process as smooth as possible for you.
  • After the Storm: When nature hits hard, we hit back harder. Clearing debris, making sites safe again – it’s part of how we help communities stand back up.
  • The Clean-Up Crew: Once the dust settles (and we make a lot of it), we’re on it, cleaning up and ensuring everything’s tidy. It’s like we were never there, but better

Why Pick Pacific Northwest Demolition?

  • Real People, Real Passion: We’re not just a company; we’re a bunch of folks who genuinely love what we do. Every project is a story, and we’re excited to be a part of yours.
  • Safety Isn’t Just a Sticker on Our Helmets: We take our work seriously, especially when it comes to safety. Not just for us, but for you and everyone around.
  • Eco-Friendly at Heart: We try our best to keep things green, recycling what we can and ensuring we’re not just taking down buildings but also looking after our planet.

So, what’s next?

Got a project in mind?

A big idea or just looking to clear out some space? Let’s chat! We’re here to turn those plans into reality, one demolition at a time.

Drop us a line, and let’s make something awesome together.