Does my insurance handle everything?


Insurance companies work with cleaning companies nationwide. These companies are great for clearing up small fires or general water loss claims.

Do not go with a cleaning company for fire damage. There is nothing to clean. You are authorized to “remove and replace with new” any smoke or fire damages in your home. Why waste money cleaning a wall that should be new?

How long will this take?

8-12 months

The actual rebuild takes about 6 months.

It takes 45 – 90 days to settle the amount owed to you by the insurance company.

The permitting process typically takes another 45-90 days.

These factors can add months to your timeline.

The total timeline may be 8 – 12 months depending upon the adjuster and city permit department.

Is one contractor more expensive than another?


Most adjusters or competitors will say “they charge too much”. This is a deceitful tactic. Xactimate sets the prices. All fees to contractors are equal, so you can hire anyone and be charged the same.
The key point is that our company will have more line items that say “remove and replace with new”
1. Not “detach clean and reset”

2 . We are not here to clean your home, we are here to restore it to pre-fire condition.