What our customers are saying

We own an apartment building in Edmonds. Kitchen fire in one of the units ended up affecting multiple units with smoke, fire, and water damage. They helped us with clean up, mitigation, and restoration of all the aspects of the job! For the most part communication was excellent. Different teams were very responsive. They got the work done ahead of schedule, and anytime we had an issue or question, Slakvik was very quick to fix it. I would absolutely hire you guys again! In a time where almost nothing gets done on time, or goes to schedule. PNW was ahead of or on schedule every time.

Lisa Sterling

Rated Highly: Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Arsen and the team did a great job. I’m moving in next week, and they’re going to unpack my things I’m so excited to be back at home. It’s almost like PNW is giving me a new start at everything with this brand new home. I can’t think of a better job being done. Thank you guys so much. 

Susie Seals

Rated Highly: Help, Relief

They restored my entire house from a mold, water ridden unusable house, to a brand new beautiful home. The teams had great communication and always responded back even during weird hours. (I work 4am-6pm) I would absolutely hire PNW Restoration again, I already did! We added another remodel project on top and got everything done at the same time! My private insurance company recommended PNW at first, and I see why. Every single person is amazing. I have nothing but great things to say about your company.


LynnAnn Ozturk

Rated Highly: Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I’ve had a great experience, William was very knowledgeable, the team did things fast, and they taught me a lot about the process and what to expect. The communication is a solid 9/10, with the content there were a few hiccups but they resolved it promptly and without giving me the runaround.  I’m very happy with it so far and would hire them again



Nhat Doan

Rated Highly: Experience, trust, communication

They boarded up my house, did asbestos testing, guided me through the process, negotiated with the insurance company, and stopped me from getting low balled! One of the main reasons I went with them was their communication! All these other companies never called me back. I’m super happy with the work done so far. I would definitely rehire PNW again!

Natalie Toliver

Rated Highly: Communication, trust

They helped us get settled into temporary housing, while they’re restoring our home. They did a really good job getting us into housing.

Clifton Seals

Rated Highly: Getting me housing

While being forced out of my apartment due to mold was stressful, Pacific Northwest Team was fantastic! From the moment they stepped foot into our home their energy was positive, compassionate, and extremely helpful! On the day of my move, the team showed up early and got started right away! They were thoughtful with packing things and had everything moved in one and a half days! I have never had a move go so seamlessly. Thank you all so much for the hard work you did!


Bree Pearson

Rated Highly: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Artemio is awesome. He came on time, collected all information, worked with the insurance company and communicated time to time. He & his team finished the work pretty quickly and ensured it was all done clean and right. Overall, it was really smooth working with him. Thanks for all the great work !

Abi M

Rated Highly: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Working with Pacific Northwest team was amazing! They’re professional, and super responsive! They helped me and my family with emergency laundry and also packing out my place. They even helped set everything back up when we moved back in! The only highlight in the whole process.




Therasa Wilson

Rated Highly: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value